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Marketing Digital Mobil S.R.L. Represents Changzhou Dadi Surveying Science & Technology Co., Ltd. in Eastern European Countries.

The products manufactured by our Partner, Changzhou Dadi Surveying Science & Technology Co., Ltd. are used in:

Agriculture and Forestry,

Civil and Industrial Constructions,

Architecture and G.I.S.

Topography, Geodesy and Cadastre.

Product Catalog, Marketing Digital Mobil S.R.L. includes a wide range of Products, such as:

Total Stations, Electronic Theodolites, Automatic Levels, Drones, GNSS Receivers, Walkie Talkies, Laser Rangefinders, Compasses, Microscopes.


Accessories for Surveillance and Field Measuring Instruments manufactured by DADI Surveying and are compatible with all known brands. (Leica, TOPCON etc.)

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DADI Surveying products are addressed to a wide audience, with an affordable price, a guaranteed quality and can be used in a wide range of applications where they compete with more expensive professional products.

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