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Dealer DADI Surveying Total stations, automatic levels, theodolites, GNSS receivers, drones, range finders, tripods, prisms, gps adapter, compatible batteries and chargers. Full range visit digital showroom #surveyingismt

We are a company with forward-thinking, flexible thinking, with a prudent development and a team of specialists able to permanently offer complete technical solutions at a very good price / quality ratio. We address both the professionals from the architecture offices, from the big industrial design institutions and from the small companies in the field of topography and geodesy.

Recently, digital technology has evolved at the same time as the needs and development of society. The use of 3D laser scanners, combined GPS stations, laser or photogrammetric scanning, total or modern robotic stations and drones, seem to be the most suitable solutions nowadays.

DADI Surveying offers users products based on advances in state-of-the-art laser technology, which enable high-precision data, fast responses and lower resource requirements.

Topography can be a difficult task, especially if the conditions are not ideal to collect the necessary data, Topographic tools Brand DADI Surveying are manufactured to be able to work in adverse weather conditions (rain, snow)

Working professionally is a good thing, but working professionally with friends is perfect!

Gabriel Hennessey

Technical consultancy in the acquisition of surveying tools. We are authorized dealer, DADI Surveying


DADI Surveying products are addressed to a wide audience, with an affordable price, a guaranteed quality and can be used in a wide range of applications where they compete with much more expensive professional products.

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The HY1690 is a digital echosounder ideally suited for offshore survey in deep water down to 10000 meters water depth. It is composed of a mainframe and two transducers of which frequency is 10.5 kHz and 25 kHz respectively. The mainframe, consisting of an industrial control computer system and two transceivers which work standby for each other, is...

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