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Marketing Digital Mobil S.R.L. Represents DADI Surveying in Romania and  Eastern European Countries.

The products manufactured by our Partner,Dadi Surveying  are used in:

Agriculture and Forestry,

Civil and Industrial Constructions,

Architecture and G.I.S.

Topography, Geodesy and Cadastre.

Product Catalog, Marketing Digital Mobil S.R.L. includes a wide range of Products, such as:

Total Stations, Electronic Theodolites, Automatic Levels, Drones, GNSS Receivers, Walkie Talkies, Laser Rangefinders, Compasses, Microscopes.


Topographic Accessories / Surveillance and Field Measuring Instruments manufactured by DADI Surveying and are compatible with all known brands. (Leica, TOPCON etc.)

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DADI Surveying products are addressed to a wide audience, with an affordable price, a guaranteed quality and can be used in a wide range of applications where they compete with more expensive professional products.

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