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The development of electronics and informatics in recent decades has created possibilities for the automation of photogrammetric measuring devices and the automatic processing of photogrammetric data.

company's blog aims to publish the latest news in Topography, Cadastre, Geodesy and Photogrammetry as well as the latest products manufactured by DADI Surveying Company, which we represent in Romania and Eastern European Countries.


The HY1690 is a digital echosounder ideally suited for offshore survey in deep water down to 10000 meters water depth. It is composed of a mainframe and two transducers of which frequency is 10.5 kHz and 25 kHz respectively. The mainframe, consisting of an industrial control computer system and two transceivers which work standby for each other, is...

Surveyors form part of a team that includes engineers, architects and urban planners, all of whom have responsibility for the way the city of the future works. Moreover, their work has implications-and not just for the next few years. The land use patterns laid down today will last for centuries.

DADI Surveying Participant in the 9th Edition of the China Geographic Information Technology Equipment Exhibition, held in Nanjing Jiangsu Province, October 15-17, 2019.

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