Handle range finder

Laser rangefinders (Digital rangefinder) The laser rangefinder is an invaluable measuring instrument, very useful during construction, renovation and finishing works, in forestry, army, sports, energy, hunting, agriculture and in any situation where we need to measure accurately and efficiently. distance, angles or slopes of land. In our offer we have laser rangefinders for measuring distances and perimeters up to 100 m.

Manufacturer : DADI Surveying

Rangefinder type :





Technical specifications :

Measuring distance

E40:0.05-40m, E60:0.05-60m,

E80:0.05-80m, E100:0.05-100m

Measurement error: ±2.0mm

Distance unit: m,ft,in

Area unit: m2,ft2

Type of laser: 620-690nm

Single measurement time: 0.25s

  • Features: one-key measurement, high-definition display, data storage, small size, multiple functions, and multiple uses