Level Ruler

The bubble level is a tool used to check the horizontality of a part, machines, installations, the verticality of a wall under construction, etc. It is also called poloboc or scale.


1. Level Ruler - 705 red vision 


◆ Three red visual level bubbles

◆ Curved horizontal levelling bubbles can be used to measure slopes up to 2%Accuracy:0.0005"/" (0.5mm/m)

2.Level Ruler - 789 square 

Features: :

◆ 2 acrylic level bubbles (square or enlarged)

◆ Precision milling datum, length up to 48 "(120cm)Accuracy:<0.0005"/" (0.5mm/m)

3.Level Ruler - 985 heavy 

Features: :

◆ 2 acrylic level bubbles

◆ 1 horizontal level bubble

◆ Damping end cover, non - slip handleAccuracy:0.0005″/" (0.5mm/m)