Rotor Drones DJI M600 Pro


The Matrix Drone M600 Pro has high load and excellent in-flight performance and adopts a modular design to further improve reliability, making it easier to use.

Advantages of using drones:

  • speed in making measurements; high accuracy (from 2 cm to 10-15 cm,
  • depending on the theme of the paper);
  • results that accurately render the relief and the studied area;
  •  the possibility of calculating volumes with a high degree of accuracy;
  • the costs with the measurement / design stage are considerably reduced, the results being much more correct and more precise

Unmanned aerial vehicle

It refers to an aircraft flying without a crew, which performs its function remotely. A UAV is a reusable, unmanned vehicle capable of autonomously maintaining a controlled and sustained level of flight, and powered by an internal combustion, electric or jet engine.

It is a multirotor with 6 ascending generating rotors also called the hexacopter.

Due to their ease in both construction and control, multirotor aircraft are frequently used in radio control aircraft and UAV unmanned aerial vehicle projects.

DADI Surveying


DADI Surveying

Description :

◆M600 Pro has the high load and excellent flight performance of and adopts a modular design to further improve reliability make it easier to use

◆M600 Pro comes standard with three-degree A3 Pro flight control

◆Lightbridge 2 high-definition digital image transmission, intelligent flight battery pack and battery management system.

◆It supports multiple DJI gimbals and third-party software and hardware expansion.

◆The load is up to 6.0kg. UAV industry applications provide reliable high-performance flight platforms.

Characteristics :

Symmetrical motor wheelbase :1133 mm

Dimensions: 1668 mm × 1518 mm × 727 mm (propeller, arm, GPS bracket are all deployed, with landing gear)37 mm × 402 mm × 553 mm (arm and GPS bracket are folded, without landing gear)

Outer box size: 525 mm × 480 mm × 640 mm

Weight (including 6 TB47S batteries) :9.7kg

Recommended maximum take-off weight : 15.5kg

Hovering accuracy (P-GPS) Vertical :± 0.5 m, Horizontal: ± 1.5 m

Maximum rotation : Angular velocity Pitch axis : 300 ° / s, heading axis: 150 ° / s

Maximum horizontal flight speed: 65km/h

Maximum pitch angle: 25 °

Maximum ascent speed: 5 m / s

Maximum descent speed: 3m/s

Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃