Theodolites DE-2AL

Electronic Theodolite DE-2AL is a high-precision measuring equipment, with which you can quickly and easily determine the direction, angles or slopes. It is one of the most important measuring equipment used on site, it is characterized by a robust construction.

This model allows you to work easily in areas where the terrain is not stable, without the need to constantly monitor the riding of the equipment at the work point.

The DE-2A theodolite is resistant to harsh working conditions, being able to work even in torrential rain conditions.

they have dual displays and a removable tribrach;

  1. horizontal and vertical angles can be observed simultaneously on large 2-line LCD displays;
  2. back-lighted;
  3. include a set of zero horizontal angle;
  4. automatic shutdown to save batteries and a battery life indicator on the LCD display

  • Manufacturer : DADI Surveying

Technical specifications:


Image : Erect

Magnification : 30x

Objective aperture : 47mm

Field of view : 1°30'

Shortest viewing distance : 1m

Stadia ratio : 100

Resolution : 3.75''

Angle Measurement

Angle Measurement mode : Absolute code encoder system

Minimum count : 1''/5''/10''/20''

Angle units : DEG/MIL/GON

Accuracy : 2''/5''/10''

Display : LCD sides / LCD double


Operating range : ±3'

Resolution : 1''

Up laser point

Laser focusing point : 5mm/100m

Down point type : Down Laser plummet

Precision of plate vial : 30''/2mm

Precision of circular vial /: 8'/2mm

Volume 180mm*166mm*355mm

Weight 6.5kg