Topographic Instruments

DADI Surveying

We have a range of products with a wide area of use in Civil and Industrial Construction, Topography, Geodesy and Cadastre, Design, Architecture and GIS, Agriculture and Forestry. 

Are you looking for a tool to help you improve those things you do every day?

Important fundamentals for a pleasant user experience

Quality assured

All products must pass the DADI Surveying tests before being launched. Each unit is resistant to field, dust and rain.

Easy to use

Each DADI Surveying product is designed to be used immediately unpacked.


DADI Surveying products work even in the most challenging settings.

It works with your stuff

DADI Surveying tools work with any equipment - you are not connected to any vendor, not even for positioning tools

Civil and industrial constructions

Topography, Geodesy and Cadastre

Design, Architecture and GIS

Agriculture and Forestry

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