Total Station DTM 624R

Total station DTM 624R compact design and easy to transport and configure.

Manufacturer : DADI Surveying

Technical specifications  :

Distance Measurement


  • Non-prism 400m
  • Prism Single prism: 2000m, Three prism:3200m


Non-prism ±(5mm+3ppm.D)

Prism : ±(3mm+2ppm.D)

Measuring time: Precise model:2s,Track model:0.5s

Number of time Set:  1-99

Meteorologic correction: Input the value and correct automatic

Prism constant: Input the value and correct automatic

Angle Measurement

Method Absolute coding

Minimum reading 1"

Accuracy : 2"


System: Single axis photoelectric tilt sensor

Working range : ±3′

Distinguish ability: 1"

Size: 180*175*335mm

Weight: 6.5KG

Working temperature : -20°C-50°