Total Station DTM 822R

Total station DTM 822 R has a wide range of innovative technologies, offers superior performance in measuring angle and distance, as well as reliable robotic functionality, while ensuring improved accuracy and productivity in all applications such as topography, engineering, construction , and monitoring.

Manufacturer: DADI Surveying

Technical specifications  :

Distance measurement

Maximum distance (under good weatherconditions)

  • Single prism 3.0km
  • Three prisms 5.0km
  • No-prism 400m/600m for selection

Numeric display : Maximum:99999999.999m minimum:0.1mm

Measuring time :  Fine measurement:2s each time; tracking:0.8s

Angle Measurement

Measurement mode : Absolute code

Grating disc diameter (horizontal,vertical) : 79mm

Minimum display reading : 1''

Detection method : Horizontal circle: 2 sides ,Vertical circle: 2 sides

Accuracy 2''

Automatic vertical compensator

System : Double-axis liquid electronic sensing and compensation

Operating range : ±3'

Accuracy : ±3''

Onboard battery :

  • Power  : Rechargeable mh-ni battery; Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Voltage : Lithium battery: DC 7.6V; mh-ni battery: DC 7.2V
  • Continuous working time 8h

Size and weight

Overall dimensions :  174×207×383mm

Weight 6.8kg