Total Station DTM 952R

Total Station  DTM 952

Superb accuracy

Use the latest remote technology to take advantage of a powerful suite of integrated software and many sensor and accuracy options

Excellent reliability

Excellent for all engineering, construction and topography works.

Technical specifications  :

Manufacturer : DADI Surveying

Distance measurement

Maximum distance(under good weatherconditions) :

  • Single prism 3.0km
  • Three prisms 5.0km
  • No-prism 400m or 600m (optional)

Numeric display: Maximum:99999999.999m minimum:1mm

Accuracy : No-prism:5+3ppm; prism:3+2ppm

Measuring time: Fine measurement:2s each time; tracking:0.8s

Angle Measurement

Measurement mode : Absolute code

Grating disc diameter (horizontal,vertical) :79mm

Minimum display reading : 1''

Detection method Vertical disc: diameter ; horizontal disc: diameter

Accuracy : 2''

Automatic vertical compensator

Operating range : ±3'

Accuracy : ±3''

Onboard battery:

  • Power: Rechargeable mh-ni battery : Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Voltage : Lithium battery: DC 7.6V; mh-ni battery: DC 7.2V
  • Continuous working time : 4h

Size and weight

Overall dimensions : 174×207×383mm

Weight 6.8kg