DEPTH Sounder HY1690


The HY1690 is a digital echosounder ideally suited for offshore survey in deep water down to 10000 meters water depth. It is composed of a mainframe and two transducers of which frequency is 10.5 kHz and 25 kHz respectively. The mainframe, consisting of an industrial control computer system and two transceivers which work standby for each other, is responsible for the data acquisition and processing. The HY1690 realizes the intelligentized operation and control by adopting the technology of digital signal processing (DSP) and computer graphics display.

  • High-power emission detection sound wave / maximum sounding depth up to 10000 meters;
  • Reliable, stable and accurate real-time water depth measurement;
  • High gain receiving circuit / anti-interference design;
  • Time and space filtering / dynamic tracking gate;
  • Adopt large-capacity high-speed industrial computer / full range water depth data storage

HY1690 is manufactured by DADI Surveying