DQL-16ZJ Laser Theodolite Compass


DQL-16ZJ Laser Theodolite Compass

Easy to operate Can be used in mining and subway and general engineering projects. High accuracy.

Manufacturer DAD Surveying (CHINA)



Magnification 16 X (height)

Lens diameter 22mm

Stage multiplication constant 100

Additive constant Stage 0

The shortest viewing distance is 2.5 m

Angle of field of view 2 ° 30 '


1 ° dial unit

Needle length 67mm

Vertical dial

Dial unit 1 °

Vernier staircase 5 '

Measuring range ± 50 °

Horizontal dial

1 ° dial unit

Vernier ladder 5 °


Power <5mW

DC voltage 3V

Operating distance 50m

Wavelength 635nm

Wheelbase 32 mm

Battery type CR17335E


Long air level accuracy 30 '/ 2mm

DQL-16ZJ - Theodolite Compass Laser is suitable for mining and monitoring of forest resources. In particular, it could be used to delimit the door of the underground coal mine, for targeting and topography tunnels. In addition, it is suitable for agriculture, hydraulic engineering, geology and Indication and supervision in road construction.