Sedcontrol - Ultrasonic measurement system


Ultrasonic measurement system of sediment deposits in accumulation lakes - Sedcontrol

SEDCONTROL is a system for measuring sediment deposition with the elimination of positioning errors. It is built in two variants: the underwater module and the module with sensors mounted on the floating component. It has a built-in ultrasonic distance sensor, a turbidity sensor and a series of ultrasonic sensors. The data receiver module consists of a radio modem and a laptop that allows data retrieval and processing. The dynamics of the clogging process is of interest to specialists researching lakes, having implications in: power generation, flood control, water supply, water level regulation, fishing, navigation and recreation.

The SEDCONTROL system has the following advantages:

  • allows direct measurements from a fixed measuring position, which is not affected by intrinsic errors of mobile systems;
  • allows to obtain real-time information related to changes in the sediment layer.

Invention awarded at the 41st edition: Ultrasonic measurement system of sediment deposits in accumulation lakes, in short "SEDCONTROL", having as authors: Mihai Mărgăritescu, Alexandru Moldovanu, Vlad Văduva, Cristian Drăghescu and Florin Alexandru Isvoranu.