Microscoape BL-125

Caracteristici tehnice:

◆ Adopt humanized design, beautiful appearance and convenient operation;

◆ Adopt planetary coaxial coarse and fine dynamic focusing device, the focusing is comfortable and stable;

◆ Excellent optical system and reliable operation structure make the imaging clearer and easier to operate;

◆.Adopt double-layer mechanical stage with scale ruler and coaxial hand-wheel adjustment in vertical and horizontal directions for more convenient operation


Optical system: Finite optical system

Observation method:

Eyepiece tube / Binocular tube

Optical way / Transmitted light illumination

Eyepiece parameters

Magnification: 10x /16X

Field of view(mm):18 / 11

Objective parameters

Magnification: 4x / 10x/ 40x/ 100x

Numerical aperture NA: 0.10/ 0.25/ 0.65/ 1.25

Working distance(mm) : 37.5/ 7.31/ 0.63/ 0.18

Objective conversion: Four-hole converter

Load table: Double-layer mobile platform size:130mm×140mm,Moving range:70mm×50mm

Focusing mechanism: Fousing range:20mm,Fine-tuning:0.002mm

Lighting device: Halogen lamp 6V20W